The Svetlanas ( Moscow Punk Trash Core ) - Billets

Le Molotov, Marseille.

The Svetlanas ( Moscow Punk Trash Core )


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Plus d'informations sur The Svetlanas ( Moscow Punk Trash Core )

  • SVETLANAS have often been called „The Most Dangerous Band in the World” thanks to
    their super intense live performances at such international festivals as Vans Warped Tour
    (USA), South by Southwest (USA), Punk Rock Bowling (USA), Rebellion Festival (UK)
    Extreme Fest (FR) and more.

    While maintaining a 100% DIY attitude, the band has earned praise and respect from such
    punk and rock heavy hitters like Gene Simmons („Their music will be listened to by 40
    millions of Americans.“), Jello Biafra („Olga has quite an unusual voice, kind of like an
    angry cornered mongoose.“) and The Adolescents, who they partnered with on a split
    release titled „Hot War“.