Pink Turns Blue

Le Molotov, Marseille

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  • Groupe issu de la scène Post-Punk allemande Pink Turns Blue, est une formation aussi influente que relativement obscure. Formé en 1985 dans la région de Cologne autour de Marcus Giltjes, Tomas Elbern et Ruebi Walter, PTB signera pas moins de sept albums en dix ans d'existence, participant notamment à façonner un courant Dark Wave naissant. Séparés en 1994, les membres d'origine se réuniront une première fois en 2003 avant de disparaître de nouveau brièvement pour revenir en 2005 avec un lineup remanié suite à la défection de Tomas Elbern, déjà affairé avec son projet Escape With Romeo.
    Post Punk Legends from Berlin, Germany

    Pink Turns Blue are an influential post punk / new wave band from Berlin, Germany.

    Formed in 1985, they quickly put out their first LP, If Two Worlds Kiss (1987) expressing a sound reminiscent of new wave with very dark undertones and use of synthesizers, only to become one of the pioneers of the developing subgenre of first darkwave (Meta 1988) then cold wave (Eremite 1990, Aerdt 1991).

    After many hits like "Michelle", "Walking on Both Sides", "Your Master Is Calling", "The First", "I Coldly Stare Out", "Touch the Skies", "Catholic Sunday", "Missing You", "If Two Worlds Kiss", "Moon" and "Seven Years", they split up in 1995.

    In 2003, they reformed to appear in a few festivals. Because of the success of the reunion, they released a Best Of album called Re-Union, in 2005 their studio album Phoenix and in 2017 “Ghost”. The latest Album is called “The AERDT - Untold Stories”