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Praia do Relógio, Figueira da Foz.

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Type de billet Prix (tarif hors frais)? Quantité
PASSE GERAL - 3 DIAS | 3 DAY PASS €36,55 (€34,49)

Com um Passe 3 dias terás acesso:
• Ao recinto do festival pela entrada geral;
• À zona Geral situada na areia;
• Aos sanitários, bares e zona de alimentação.

With a 3-day Pass, you’ll have access:
• To the festival grounds by the general entrance;
• To the general area in the sand;
• To toilets, bars and eating area.

Con un Pase de 3 días, tendrás acceso a:
• Los terrenos del festival por la entrada general;
• el área general en la arena;
• Baños, bares y área para comer.

PASSE VIP - 3 DIAS | 3 DAY VIP PASS €73,14 (€69,00) Épuisés

Com um Passe 3 dias VIP terás acesso a:
• Entrar no recinto pela entrada especial;
• Zonas exclusivas de alimentação, bares e sanitários;
• Vistas privilegiadas sobre o palco.

With a 3 day VIP Pass you will have access to:
• The festival grounds through special entrance;
• Exclusive food zones, bars and toilets;
• Privileged views of the stage.

Con un Pase VIP de 3 días, tendrás acceso a:
• Los terrenos del festival por la entrada especial;
• Zonas exclusivas de comida, bares y baños.
• Vistas privilegiadas del escenario.


Type de billet Prix (tarif hors frais)? Quantité

O voucher Campismo dá-te acesso individual ao Parque Municipal de Campismo da Figueira da Foz entre os dias 9 e 13 de julho.
Na entrada do parque é obrigatório a apresentação do bilhete Passe Geral 3 dias ou Passe 3 Dias VIP.
O voucher é válido para uma pessoa.

Camping voucher gives you individual access to the Municipal Camping Park of Figueira da Foz from 9 to 13 of July.
At your check-in you will also be required to present your 3 day Pass or your 3 Days VIP Pass.
This voucher is valid for one person only.

El cupón de Camping te da acceso individual al Park Municipal de Camping de Figueira da Foz del 9 al 13 de julio.
A la entrada del parque se requiere presentar tu entrada Pase de 3 días o tu Pase 3 días VIP.
Ese cupón es válido solamente para una persona.

Plus d'informations sur les billets RFM SOMNII - O Maior Sunset De Sempre!

The Biggest Sunset Ever Is Back! Once again, we meet at the Figueira da Foz Clock Beach on July 10, 11 and 12.

This edition will feature 3 days full of emotions and surprises, which will highlight a very important element for the balance of nature: water.
Inspired by this element, Portugal's largest beach festival and one of the largest beach festivals in Europe will feature the world's best artists and the most unforgettable experiences in 72 hours of non-stop music and excitement.

RFM SOMNII has almost a decade of stories and more than 600,000 visitors have witnessed the Biggest Sunset Ever, on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Portuguese coast, in the middle of the sand and with access to the sea.

For 2020, we'll save room for you!
Tickets are on sale now and more news will arrive soon!

This event is for 3 and over - No refunds will be issued for under 3s.

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