Oto Nove Swiss Paris 2020

Plus d'informations sur Oto Nove Swiss Paris 2020

  • Oto Nove Swiss is a festival for contemporary music and sounds presented by Südpol Lucerne, Bad Bonn, and Präsens Editionen. After two editions at Cafe Oto in London, the festival's third incarnation takes place in Paris for the first time. In February 2020, the three Swiss institutions showcase a variety of concerts, performances, and DJ sets by artists from Switzerland and France at Les Instants Chavirés, Centre culturel suisse, Le Petit Bain, and Lafayette Anticipations.


    FR/JP; Shelter Press
    Tomoko SauvageThe Wire Magazine compared Tomoko Sauvage's music with a long, hot bath. That pretty much nails it, as the sound of the Japan-born artist, who moved to Paris after studying jazz in New York, is an interplay between water, ceramics, and underwater-microphones. The result is a natural form of synthesizer music, that reassesses the relationship between human beings and their surroundings.

    Julie Semoroz
    Transformation, metaphysical poetry, and the invisible are topics Julie Semoroz addresses in her work. The singer and sound artist explores ethereal and intimate worlds that are on the brink of falling apart. She operates through repetition and exhaustion of sound matter and research on improvisation. In this way, she evades categorization, hopping from pop to experimental music, from audio performances to live concerts.

    Kindly supported by Pro Helvetia and Fondation Suisa. Hosted by zweikommasieben.