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Soirée Here Lies Man à PARIS @ Olympic Café - Billets & Places

Here Lies Man


Pop Rock

Olympic Café75018 PARIS Ventes terminées
What if Black Sabbath had played Afrobeat? What indeed. Bill Ward would haveswung like the caveman jazzer he so righteously is; Geezer Butler could have held itdown on the moustache alone; Iommi can do anything he wants. But: Ozzy in Lagos?The sun beats down like a wayward farrier on an anvil; the Guinness in Lagos is 8%;the weed is strong; the off duty coppers and dockers in the bars suffer no fools. Itdoesn't bear thinking about, does it?

Organisateur : Olympic Café
Le lieu
OLYMPIC CAFE, PARIS : programmation, billet, place, infos

Olympic Café

20 rue Leon

75018 PARIS

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